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Friday, 23 January 2009

Obama - The brand.

From Adalert

What a successful campaign it was, the whole world seems engulfed in optimism and hope for things to finally change since Barack Obama won the presidential election in America. And I get it, it's a major triumph for Americans in terms of ethnic equality/rights. But for US politics and the world as a whole, it really makes no difference that the president of the single most powerful nation is of African descent. So I'm puzzled at all the hype that's been surrounding this issue all over the world. In London people where stopping whatever they were doing to watch the inauguration. Even the water cooler gossip seems to be focused on President Obama and people who generally have the political knowledge/interest of a 5 year old, seem to have an opinion on the positive effects this will have for world politics. The truth is, President Obama's politics and cabinet aren't that revolutionary, it's pretty much the same people (with the same ideas) who have always been behind the scenes in Washington.

What I'm trying to get to is that it's amazing how well advertising can work and that with a few clever ideas and a bit of 're-branding' we can sell people any old idea/thing that they have always had. And they'll buy into it with a big smile on their gullible faces. The Obama brand, is in my opinion the most successful piece of branding/strategy since "Just Do It!".

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