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Monday, 19 January 2009

Return to the golden age of Advertising?

Maybe I'm reading too much into this...

Coca-Cola anounced a few days ago that they have cut the number of agencies (in Europe) working on their gigantic £100m a year account from 20 to just 4! Those four being Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, Mother London, McCann Erickson Spain and Sra. Rushmore Madrid

But what does this really mean? Coca-Cola claim that the idea behind this new strategy is to create more efficient "marketing campaigns". Which of course is completely logical, it ensures that the quality of work produced is always the same and the branding more consistent and strong (maybe not something that Coke needs, but generally speaking).

What does this means for us (the people who work in the industry)? This might be the part I'm getting carried away with... To me, logically, this means that we're heading back to the days of private jets & champagne, well maybe not exactly but the financial implications are undeniable! As a result of this, agencies will surely need more man power to work on the 'smaller stuff' (which is great for young creatives) and as for the top dogs, they will proabably be getting fatter checks (which is equally great)!

It makes perfect sense.
From a client point of view, it's completely ridiculous to have 20 different agencies working on everything from direct mail to TV/PRESS and the very obscure new digital media (Will be discussing this in the next post). Why pay so many different agency fees for work that more often than not, comes from the strategy of one agency?

From an agency point of view, I can understand that it might be perceived as a logistic nightmare to handle so many different aspects of a brand, but in the end the pro's outweigh the con's. It makes no sense at all to give up so much business, just hire more people! And the big boys needn't worry, it's not like the green's distributed equally. There are ton's of talented junior creatives and account-folk (whatever they're called) that would be more than happy to work for scraps.

More money means better work!

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