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Sunday, 8 February 2009

And the winner is....

Daniel Chetian from Art Center in California


Finally we have the winner of the 'Nail-Clipper' brief! This was a very tough one, so I'd like to say thanks to everyone who had a stab at it. Especially Daniel Chetian!

All the 'judges' were in agreement and believed that Daniel's execution was the most successful as it demonstrated a very simple and self explanatory product in a unique, simple and humorous way. Also, having read my brief they all felt that the idea was bang on(literally), which is another reason why they chose it as the winning idea!

I'd also like to mention that although briefs/ideas like this are good additions to your book, they should not be the main focus of you portfolio as they may not be very plausible, but they're great for showing your own unique way of thinking. CD's/Senior Creatives love to see great ideas that are not necessarily 'conventional' ads or advertising related at all. This is something I believe all students should try to do.

Well done Daniel! And again, thanks for all those who entered their ideas!

Also, watch out for the next brief, it's a really good one, and not as 'creatively restrictive' as nail-clippers.


PS. I'm working on getting some sort of reward for the winners, placements are the most likely at the moment, but might prove to be difficult considering we had ideas coming in from all over the world. But like I said, I'm working on it!

4 comments: said...

even though they say that one should stay away from sex puns, this might probably be the only way I'd look at a nailclipper ad. Nice one.

K said...

I agree, generally speaking 'sex puns' should be avoided, but having said that, there are always exceptions.

Either way it's nice to see that someone thought outside the general 'benefits' of clipping nails.

What surprised me though is that not a single submission looked at a hygiene route. Which from my point of view was the most obvious selling point for nail clippers.

Either way, I think Daniel did a great job!

Sam-E said...

It's ok

Stew said...

Nice insight. Just think the idea could be pushed a bit more but it works.