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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

BRIEF01 - Can you sell nail clippers?

From Adalert

In the past month I've been seeing a lot of young creatives and students upload work on Ads of The World for critique. And what I've noticed is that the products that most people chose are not always the best for what they're trying to achieve, which is to build amazing portfolios that show their 'creative genius'. In most cases, the products have very unique selling points or something that really differentiates them from other products, hence the work tends to be very obvious and unfortunately it doesn't always show the true talent!

So I thought to myself, It would be great to set some briefs that will challenge creative minds in the right way. And if this project proves to be successful, I'll make a feature out of it!

The first brief is the result of picking the brains of some old friends and colleagues that are currently working in Ogilvy and JWT London. If people show some interest, I'll try to get the next brief from an ATL CD.

The brief

1. The brief is very simple, create ideas for a standard off the shelf nail-clipper (none of the fancy stuff). There's no criteria so your work does not necessarily have to be an ad (although it's preferred), it can be anything as long as it shows your creativity and how you think.

2. A single file/execution (.jpg, .pdf) is to be submitted by Wednesday 4th of Feb to . Please remember to also submit your name and where you're from. (YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY REPLIES FROM THIS ACCOUNT)

The Winner
The winners will be chosen by a random group of creatives working in London.
And as for the prize, whoever wins will not receive anything other than a sense of accomplishment and a great piece of work they can stick in their portfolio. But you will have your work critiqued by industry professionals so you might learn something. Also, I'm working on getting the next brief some sort of recognition but it all depends on the success of this round!



Anonymous said...

Am I going to paid for judging the winner?

Still haven't watched 12 or 13 yet, keep falling asleep.

Anonymous said...

So who's the winner?

K said...

it should not be too long now, sometime early next week or over the weekend if we're lucky!

The people judging it are quite busy people, but I'll announce the winner as soon as possible!


Anonymous said...

Watched 12 and 13. Think they threw in a flashbomb because I don't think they'd risk a full on grenade in an air lock. Or Tigh dived on top of it to sacrifice himself and save adama.

I've got nothing to do.

K said...

Welcome To The Adalert Chat forum For Geordies and.. <-- Can't think of anything funny at the mo, suggestions?

Dude, you're prob right, although I'm not buying the Tigh idea.

...why don't you write the guest post, I need some negative reinforcement!

Stew said...

Haven't got any ideas on a topic. Except Why I hate London.

I'm off to the pub.